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A smart digital solution that can keep an eye on problems you are unable to see. By 'smart monitoring' your premises 24/7 and by instantly reacting when rodent activity or rodent catch is registered (by sending a real time alarm) GreenTrapOnlines rodent monitoring system can protect your business against costly rodent infestations in a non-toxic and environmentally friendly way.



GreenTrapOnline rodent monitoring system consists of intelligent sensors with both a motion and vibration sensor built in. This makes it possible to gather useful data of rodent activity and/or rodent catches. Identifying the level of rodent activity, rodent sources, and points of entry in the building. This makes it easier and much more effectively for the Pest controller to track trends of rodent behaviour; thereby making rodent pest control more efficient and preventive.

Wireless sensors placed both inside and outside boxes or traps, in ducts, cable trays, along perimeter fences etc. are constantly monitoring for rodent activity. They only require inspection when an alarm goes off.

The GTO webportal displays all installations with the current status of each individual sensor. This enables the pco technician to focus on proper inspections and the area of the infestation. In that way eliminating the need to spend time on manually checking every trap. 

Get a more flexible, efficient and smart pest solution that can protect your business from costly rodent infestation.

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