Unlock the power of smart pest control by selecting your industry in the boxes below. Explore how GreenTrapOnline's cutting-edge remote rodent monitoring system can revolutionize your approach to pest management.

Our smart digital solution offers unparalleled insight into unseen problems. Through continuous 24/7 monitoring and instant alerts for rodent activity or catches, GreenTrapOnline's system safeguards your business against costly infestations, all while maintaining a non-toxic, environmentally friendly approach.



Our rodent monitoring system features intelligent sensors equipped with motion and vibration detection capabilities. This technology enables the collection of valuable data on rodent activity, sources, and entry points, empowering pest controllers to track trends and enhance efficiency in pest management.

Wireless sensors strategically placed both indoors and outdoors tirelessly monitor for rodent activity, requiring inspection only when an alarm is triggered. Our user-friendly web portal conveniently displays the status of each sensor installation, enabling technicians to focus on targeted inspections and swiftly address infested areas, eliminating the need for exhaustive manual checks.

The GTO webportal displays all installations with the current status of each individual sensor. This enables the pco technician to focus on proper inspections and the area of the infestation.
In that way eliminating the need to spend time on manually checking every trap. 

Embrace a more flexible, efficient, and intelligent pest solution that safeguards your business from costly infestations. Discover how GreenTrapOnline's monitoring system can detect rodent activity and revolutionize your pest control strategy.

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