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GreenTrapOnline new partnership

New partnership

Biblion Iberica has decided to partner with GreenTrapOnline after a thorough review of all available system on the market.


March 8, 2022 

Educat food auditors about ERM

Why it's important to educate food auditors about electronic rodent monitoring (ERM)

Read our article on the importance to create knowledge about electronic rodent monitoring among food auditors.


NOV 11, 2021 

Rodent monitoring

Rodent monitoring: thinking outside the bait box

John Simmons describes a case study of remote monitoring with GreenTrapOnline's system in this article from SOFHT Focus, March 2020.

Dec 15, 2022

Remote monitoring records lockdown mouse activity

Remote monitoring records lockdown mouse activity

For the Acheta Pest Management Consultancy (now part of Kiwa) what started out as a routine remote monitoring mouse programme turned out to be something of an unplanned experiment once lockdown was announced, with human activity removed.

July 30, 2021

Why choose GTO?

Why choose GTO? 

Learn more about the top reasons for choosing GreenTrapOnline's intelligent rodent monitoring solution..


Feb 21, 2022 

GTO sensor fit into any trap

The GreenTrapOnline sensor can fit into any baitstation or trap

Here you find our catalog with great examples of sensors mounted in different baitbox and traps. 

OCT 5, 2021

Remote monitoring for rodents

Remote monitoring for rodents: Are we repeating the mistakes of the past?

Read the article from Pest Magazine UK where John SimmonsAcheta Consulting Ltd business unit director for Kiwa and Pest Technical Advisory Board member explains why monitoring is an essential part of any pest management programme and find out which conclusions he and Acheta draw from a trial using GreenTrapOnline A/S rodent monitoring system.

March 31, 2021

Mortalin's case about GTO

A/S Mortalin's case about GTO 

Read the fine case about how the danish pest control company A/S Mortalin use GreenTrapOnline's rodent monitoring system to create value and increase the level of security and health for their customer Frode Laursen A/S. 


NOV 26, 2021 

Traditional vs GTO pest control

Traditional vs GTO pest control 

Every day we see the advantages that rodent monitoring systems offers over traditional rodent control.

SEP 10, 2021

Clever mice avoiding controls

Clever mice avoiding controls

Are intelligent mice outwitting pest controllers working in the food industry? Or, is it that pest controllers are no longer allowed to use the available tools effectively? Associate editor Helen Riby talked to Dr John Simmons of Acheta Consulting, who presented a paper on this topic at a Society of Good Hygiene & Technology eent earlier this year. 

April 8, 2021