GreenTrapOnline FAQ 

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about GreenTrapOnline's remote rodent monitoring system. 


What is GreenTrapOnline rodent monitoring system?

GreenTrapOnline's remote rodent monitoring solution is a wireless system built on LoRa technology (long range), which alerts you in real time, 24/7 about rodent activty or if a snap trap has been released (rodent catch).

The system consistst of sensors which both detect motion and vibration. 


How are the sensors used?

Sensors are very flexible and can be used with or without traps and in any station type you prefer, or placed directly on cable trays or ducts.

Some stations are already prepared for the sensor with a shelf/cradle inside. In other stations/traps which is not prepared for a sensor, it can easily be mounted on a bracket from GreenTrapOnline. 

Sensors can be placed both indoor and outdoor around any facility for monitoring rodent activty or snap trap release. 


What are the benefits of using GreenTrapOnline's system?

GreenTrapOnline provides real-time information about rodent activity inside buildings and around your premises. In our experience it is much better to know about rodent activity before it has time to multiply and spread. Furthermore, if you are able to reduce service frequency, that will inevitably provide savings in your pest control contract cost, or time savings if your own employees are inspecting rodent baits or traps. Furthermore, sensors can be installed in difficult to access areas, potentially reducing the need to frequently access high level or enclosed spaces such as false ceilings, wall and floor voids. 


Does the sensor only detect rodent catches?

Many sensors/digital traps available on the market only detects catches of mice or rats. 
With a GTSensor from GreenTrapOnline you get a unique multisensor which not only detect rodent catches but also monitor rodent activity, giving the pest control operator a fantastic tool for gathering and visualizing rodent behavior at a specific site.

The GTSensor has a built-in motion detector to determine if a rodent passes the scanned area below. If a rodent passes, this will be detected, and an alarm will be sent immediately.

The GTSensor also detects vibration e.g., if a snap trap has been released (catch) or the station has been hit heavily. 


How many sensors can be linked to one installation?

GreenTrapOnline’s rodent monitoring system is highly flexible. You can add as many sensors as needed; making the installation as large as required.


Does the sensor monitor mice, rats or both?

GTSensor's both monitor activity from mice and rats as well as vibration from both small and larger snap traps. Often our sensors are used in bait stations with both mouse and rat traps placed inside.
With one single GTSensor you can monitor them all! 


How many sensors will I need?

That depends on the size of the site and any known or historical rodent activity. Together with the pest control operator you determine where and how many sensors are needed.  

What temperatures can the sensors operate in?


GTSensors are build for use both inside buildings and outdoor. They have been tested for use in temperatures between – 20 degrees and + 85 degrees.

Can Digital Pest Management make pest control greener?


Enviromental responsibility is an increasing focus for many businesses - also in the pest control industry. Tools that deliver full transparency around the decision making process behind opting for rodenticides is a hurge advantage. 
A remote rodent monitoring system allows pest controllers to respond to known issues of rodent problems and use rodenticides in a far more targeted and precise manner.


At what height from the floor can the sensor be placed?

The sensor can be placed 50 cm from the floor in an angle of 120 degrees. 


Can I change the sensors batteries?

Yes, battery can be changed in the sensor, but you don’t have to do this very often since they have a life time up to 9 years depending on activity, temperature and signal condition. In our webportal GTOnline you will always be able to see remaining battery capacity of each sensors.

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