Retail & Hospitality

A pest infestation in your retail store can lead to exorbitant expenses, uncomfortable employees, unhappy customers, and irreparable damage to your business's reputation.
For these reasons, pests in retail stores should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, common pesticide products can cause damage to store property and pose health risks for customers and personnel. For responsible pest control in a retail or hospitality environment, you need a safe and effective alternative.


A proactive and non-toxic solution is the GTO rodent monitoring system. It’s a wireless solution build on LoRa technology with sensors providing 24/7 remote monitoring of rodent activity in your retail store, shopping mall, hotel, or restaurant. Sensors are very flexible and can be used without traps or with any trap type you prefer.

The GTO system instantly alerts your pest management company/or facility manager if rodent activity is detected (motion sensor) or if a rodent has been cached (vibration sensor) on your facility. This makes it possible to react quickly and much more effective to rodent problems and minimize the threat of infestation.

The GTO monitoring system also collect and analyze data from the sensors, which can be used as documentation in relation to quality management and auditing. Furthermore, the data gives you a review of the effectiveness of traps placement.

- Retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, café's

Many retailers that do not sell food may think that they are immune to rodent problems, but that's not the case.

Just about any business can be at risk for a rodent problem.

Rodents often stroll into stores, shopping centers and hotels in the same way people do - through open doors. If your employees are going outside for a break or propping doors open when they take the trash out at night, they could inadvertently be giving rodents easy access.

Gone unchecked, a rodent infestation can create big problems. Rodents can carry and spread harmful pathogens that are dangerous to humans, creating health and food safety concerns in area they or their droppings or urine contact. They can also be very destructive, damaging equipment and property that can take a bite out of your bottom line.

Pest infestations in retail enviroments is a lesser-known problem that affects thousands of businesses worldwide.
After all, retail stores have several things that pests love: a climate-controlled environment, objects that can be used for food and shelter, a wide range of hiding places, and a high volume of humans.


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GTO offers an intelligent and reliable system for permanent and remote monitoring of rodents.
Our system is independent of traps and bait station which gives maximum freedom for the pest control operator.




With a GTO system installed your premises are monitored 24/7 for rodent activity or catch.
Proactiv pest management that minimize the risk of pest infestion.



Real-time alerts when rodent activty is registred or a trap has been released. 
Access to all data and reporting in secure webportal.



Easy to install and operate. Leads the pest control industry toward a more green and sustainable future with elimination of  rodenticides.