- Facility management, health care centers, hospitals, public buildings, schools, universities


With installation of GTO sensors that tracks rodent activity and/or rodent catch you can monitor pest activity on the facility, find rodent hot spots even in areas which are  difficult to reach (e.g. along pipes and wires) and react quickly and much more effective to rodent problems and minimize the threat of infestation.

This in a way which meets the industry standard for IMP (Integrated Pest Management) stressing using non-toxic pest control options.


The GTO system collect and analyze data from the sensors and over time these data’s can be used to measure overall pest activities, trends and related issues. Data is also available for audits and inspections.


Establishing an effective professional pest management program is an investment in both people health and security of buildings and inventory, but also an investment in maintaining a sound public reputation.

In these facilities rodents pose several health threats through the spread of bacteria and contamination of surfaces, medical supplies and equipment. Furthermore, these pests can cause severe structure damage, at they are able to chew through card- and wallboards, wood and plaster and through electrical wiring also increasing the potential risk of fire.

Ensuring that facilities remains rodent-free is therefore of the highest priority.


The best way to prevent a pest problem is to get insight into how the rodents gain access to the facilities, where the infestations are most likely to develop and how to prevent them. Rodents typically occurs through utility opening, loading dock doors or via vegetation planted close to buildings. They are staying in undisturbed areas like cafeteria pantries, storage areas and along walls. They are also often found in laundry rooms, food service areas, food carts and garbage disposal areas.


Want to learn more about the GTO remote monitoring system?
An innovative solutions which meets your pest management needs.

GTO offers an intelligent and reliable system for permanent and remote monitoring of rodents.
Our system is independent of traps and bait station which gives maximum freedom for the pest control operator.




With a GTO system installed your premises are monitored 24/7 for rodent activity or catch.
Proactiv pest management that minimize the risk of pest infestion.



Real-time alerts when rodent activty is registred or a trap has been released. 
Access to all data and reporting in secure webportal.



Easy to install and operate. Leads the pest control industry toward a more green and sustainable future with elimination of  rodenticides.