- Packing and distribution centers, warehouses, storages

With shipments constantly moving in and out of packing and distribution centers, warehouses or storages, the risk of letting in rodent runs high. Pest prevention in this industry is important to keep operations focused on maximizing profits, rather than how to get rid of rodents.

Warehouses or storages storing foodstuffs are particularly vulnerable to infestation. They face a high risk of contamination and damage caused by rats and mises. Even food stored in packets and plastic are not safe as rodents can easily gnaw the packets and poison the contents.

Apart from food, rats will also cause damage to the warehouses by gnawing at papers, files, and wires. Gnawed, exposed wires can be a dangerous fire hazard, starting electrical fires and causing serious damage to the property and humans. Rat infestations can completely ruin all the stored stock in warehouses leading to severe financial losses that ruin business.


Preventive measures are necessary.

GTO offers a non-toxic and effective solution. A rodent monitoring system, consisting of wireless sensors which detect rodent activity or catch in real time 24/7. With the GTO system installed your pest management company/or facility manger will get an alarm instantly when rodent activity is registered, or a snap trap has been released. This makes it possible to reach quickly and effective to rodent problems and minimize the threat of infestation.
Sensors are very flexible and can be placed in any trap type or without a trap in cabel trays, along shelves etc..

The GTO monitoring system also collect and analyze data from the sensors, which can be used as documentation in relation to quality management and auditing. Furthermore, the data gives you a review of the effectiveness of traps placement.

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GTO offers an intelligent and reliable system for permanent and remote monitoring of rodents.
Our system is independent of traps and bait station which gives maximum freedom for the pest control operator.




With a GTO system installed your premises are monitored 24/7 for rodent activity or catch.
Proactiv pest management that minimize the risk of pest infestion.



Real-time alerts when rodent activty is registred or a trap has been released. 
Access to all data and reporting in secure webportal.



Easy to install and operate. Leads the pest control industry toward a more green and sustainable future with elimination of  rodenticides.