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Pest issues are a critical threat to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Producing safe, unadulterated & effective products is the top priority of pharmaceutical companies. A single pest in production, research, or ingredient storage can contaminate expensive product batches, ruin years of research, and cause millions in losses. In addition, improper treatment for pests can have an adverse impact on public health. In short, pests are an unacceptable risk in the pharmaceutical industry.

GTO offer an industry-leading rodent monitoring system suitable for use in pharmaceutical facilities. By using GTSensor in bait stations, traps, or just places along pipes, cables etc. the PCOs will immediately get an alarm when rodent activity are detected or there has been a catch. The PCOs will also be informed about, where the detection exactly took place on the customers facilities.

In this way rodent infestation is already tackled in the beginning. With real-time data about rodent activity and catches, a rodent control strategy can be planned more precisely and thus provide more efficient prevention and extermination services.

Pharmaceutical, food and nutritional ingredients


A high level of sanitation and hygiene is a necessity in every aspect of the manufacture of drug and pharmaceutical products. The scope of sanitation and hygiene includes personnel, premises, equipment’s, production materials, storage, products for cleaning & disinfection, and anything that could become a source of contamination to the product.
Pest management is a critical component of sanitation & hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry.

Want to know more about how GTO's remote monitoring system is control that sets you free?

GTO offers an intelligent and reliable system for permanent and remote monitoring of rodents.
Our system is independent of traps and bait station which gives maximum freedom for the pest control operator.




With a GTO system installed your premises are monitored 24/7 for rodent activity or catch.
Proactiv pest management that minimize the risk of pest infestion.



Real-time alerts when rodent activty is registred or a trap has been released. 
Access to all data and reporting in secure webportal.



Easy to install and operate. Leads the pest control industry toward a more green and sustainable future with elimination of  rodenticides.