Food manufactures


20 % of the world’s food supply is believed to be contaminated by rodents.

These pests can carry various pathogens around facilities and can transmit harmful diseases. They are also known to cause severe property damage.

With access to food and water sources, potential entry points and hiding places the food processing facilities unfortunately offers the ideal habitat for rodent.

From dark corners to areas of excess moisture the food and beverage processing plants are especially vulnerable to rodent infiltration and a threat at every stage of production.

Currently most pest management companies serving the food industry visit sites routinely, checking traps for a capture. Rodents are often not discovered until the pest control technician visual inspect the traps.

- Breweries, dairies, bakeries, slaughterhouses, food production

Therefore, the ability to quickly identify, control and correct infestations is limited. Also, the pest management company are not able to detect real-time activity with enough accuracy to strengthen the rodent control system beyond its current level.

GTO offers an intelligent and reliable system for permanent and remote monitoring of rodents.
Our system is independent of traps and bait station which gives maximum freedom for the pest control operator.




With a GTO system installed your premises are monitored 24/7 for rodent activity or catch.
Proactiv pest management that minimize the risk of pest infestion.



Real-time alerts when rodent activty is registred or a trap has been released. 
Access to all data and reporting in secure webportal.



Easy to install and operate. Leads the pest control industry toward a more green and sustainable future with elimination of  rodenticides.

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A solution that proactive can strengthen pest control management in you company is the GTO system. It’s a wireless solution build on LoRa technology with sensors designed to fit into any existing box or trap and provide 24/7 remote monitoring of rodent activity on you premises. 

The system instantly alerts the pest management company/or facility manager about rodent activity (motion sensor) or a rodent catch (vibration sensor) in every installed control point on the facility. This makes it possible to react quickly and much more effective to rodent problems and minimize the threat of infestation.

The GTO system collect and analyze data, which can be used as documentation in relation to quality management and auditing. Furthermore the data serves you a review of the effectiveness of traps placement.